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Each Orgonite Pendant will protect you from negative radio frequency signals. Reiki healing is infused in all our devices. It will go to the weakest area of your body to start healing.

The first thing on the left is a charging plate. its about 3" Dia by 1". They use these for the kitchen food. Put your vegys on there for a few seconds. This kills the negitive frequency that blows on your nice organic vegy's and turns it to positive energy. Even your milk, your water, you can put on there.

The "Eye of Horus" pendants are 1 1/2" inch dia., with Natural color with Nylon thread Macrame, 18 inch necklace. The braclets are Macrame. One made with blue cotton thread, the dia is 1 1/4 inch. The other has a mini heart 1 x 1 inch with Nylon thread (natural).

They are shipped very fast from our location in PA.

Amethyst with gold leaf and Rose qtz.
orgone orgone orgone 3"Charging Plate, Lapis & White pendant

orgone 1 1/2"dia. Copper Eye, Turquoise orgone orgone blue lapis & gold leaf pendant

orgone pendant
Braclet, Amazonite
Aquamarine(off white)
orgone pendant
orgone pendant
Blue Agate, Gold Leaf,Braclet
orgone pendant

pendantoval Backside

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