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Large Round Sacred Geometry Hearts Miscellaneous FAQ

Decorative Orgone Pendants

The Orgone device are a instrument for neutralizing electromagnetic pollution, like your phone, WiFi, and Micowave radiation by transforming it into positive EMF frequencies. This is a self renewing energy product. The Charging Plates are like that only with food. They take the harmful pollution out of your food or milk or drinks and neutralize it so you are not consuming it. It is also charged with Reiki healing energy. (It is channeled from the Universe's White Light)The healing energy is locked in the crystals and will be released when it gets a owner.

ice test

This is my ice test with a round Amethyst pendant. The water is pushing up in the middle.

If we get your order during the night. It will be shiped by 10:00 AM the very next morning in most cases.

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